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Hendry at the start of the evening session.
Hendry at the start of the evening session.
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Best training aid ever!
I spent some time practising with Nic Barrow's training cue earlier today. It is like a 3/4 jointed cue with a spring where the joint should be.

It sounds like a weird idea, but it's the most amazing training aid I've ever used. Unlike most coaching methods, this appears to have no side-effects either.

For anyone interested in improving their game, getting hold of one of these should be high on your list of priorities.
Edited by rip on 06-03-2010 14:43
I've only seen & used it. I doubt that there is any information on it on the net, but you could try Nic knows the guy who makes them & I've asked if he could get me one.
Nic believes that demand is greater than supply at the moment.

is this it??
Yes. Well found.
Adrian Ridgway
£59.95! Seems like a small price to pay for better cueing. Would love to try it out.LipsYes
Adrian Ridgway

Work to live, don't live to work. The truth is out there!
When I was observing Nic on Saturday, I found that it was a little difficult seeing the black butt against his black clothing. Snooker clubs are dimly lit anyway. Nic disagreed feeling that the black butt was easy enough to see, although I was wearing a red top.

For observing others I would expect a brightly-coloured butt would be better. As the web site suggests, it is a good self-training tool too, so if you just want it to practice yourself, a black butt would be fine.
Nic Barrow here it is!
What you are not aware of, you cannot improve.
A lot of top players have had some iffy cuing actions and been great, if you have had the same action for years, would it not work against you, trying to radically change your cueing.
Hellooooo Prem A, We're moving up Tuk
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